Winter Walk 2018 at Swag of Northfield

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Iowa Made Gifts

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

The other night at my book club friends asked about my small biz and that led to several of them telling how they purchase my Iowa-themed towels for friends and family who have moved away from Iowa. Someone pulled out their smart phone and got on my Etsy shop site and starting making mental notes about what they wanted to get for Christmas gifts.
I tell ya, you all are so good to me….! <3 Thank you so much for sending my goods to friends and family across the globe. It means so much to me!

Now back to packaging and shipping out more goods! :)

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Shop Small Saturday

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

…include stopping by to shop at these wonderful shops who carry my goods and who help support their local economies. They work hard to bring you fun one-of-a-kind goods that Big Box stores might try to mimic; but, alas, they can’t because handmade goods radiate the good vibes of their makers.

So go enjoy some good vibes and tell them Kate sent ya! 😉




Barn Happy    |   Cedar Falls

Mohair Pear   |    Cedar Falls

Hatchling & Hens    |   Cedar Falls

Miss Wonderful  |  Cedar Falls

Waterloo Bike Works   |   Waterloo (across the hall from Plaid Peacock)

White Rabbit  | Iowa City

Outside the Lines Art Galleries  | Dubuque

Crafted QC   |  Davenport

The Shop Kalona  |  Kalona

Maker’s Market   |  Sumner

Left Bank Gallery  |  McGregor

Onion Grove Mercantile  |  Clarence


Outside the Lines Art Galleries | Galena


Homespun   |   Indianapolis


Under The Dogwood Tree  |  Southwest Harbor


Ugly Glass & Company   |   Kansas City


Swag  |  Northfield

Highway North/Groundswell   |   St. Paul

Doodlebird Design + Gifts  |  Minneapolis

Ohana Construction   |   Mendota Heights


Milagro Vineyards


MADE on Mass   |  Lawrence


Salty Not Sweet  |  Cleveland


State + Pride Provisions   |  Hot Springs


Birdfolk Collective  |  Winoosk

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Thank you stockists

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Hey All,

I wanted to share some other challenges I’m facing while I recover from surgery. Recently my stockists alerted me to infringements on my “I’ll Lick the Dish YOU Dry” collection. (now up to 18+ breeds).

I can’t go into details but I can say that Iowa has some top notch Intellectual Property (IP) professionals to deal with folks who blindly, or knowingly, don’t follow best practices in art & design.
I’ve been building this collection based on my original writing/design since 2012. Five years of long hours spent drawing, printing, folding, packaging, marketing, selling,etc. Why? Because I saw you giggle at this funny phrase at markets. I saw your smiles as you purchased my towels for yourself and far flung friends. YOU gave me the fuel to keep searching out for the best inks & towels I could find, the best packaging to meet your needs.
As more folks heard about my collection I couldn’t keep up and so my husband joined me in the printing process. We met over a screen printing frame and ever since we’ve been creating a life together so it was only natural that we’d begin printing together again. We switch off and on in printing. If his arm is hurting, mine is feeling fine and so I push/pull the squeegee through the night and vice versa. People have asked me why I don’t just outsource it all to India. Here’s why: quality control. My actual name is on my product. I can’t stand cheap see-thru towels that shred after two washings, and I won’t put up with ink that “crocks” (rubs off) or is like a 70’s tshirt and won’t absorb water when you dry your dishes. So by keeping it in-house (literally) I see each and every towel that goes out the door to you. It matters to me.
I truly appreciate the way you all support my hard work by purchasing my goods and sending me sweet shout-outs. You understand the idea behind my homegrown & handmade business and I’m ever-grateful.
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Never Forget the Difference YOU Make!

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

I took a batch of my #neverforgetthedifferenceYOUmake towels to my surgeon & staff as a token of my appreciation for all their hard work. I truly appreciate all the many hours of study and dedication it takes to be the best at taking care of their patients.

Sometimes it can feel a bit awkward to reach out and tell someone what a difference they made in your life, but once I get over that shyness it sure feels good to do it. Do you every feel shy about speaking up with gratitude?

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Etsy Shop on Vacation

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Yes, my #etsyshop is on vacation but I’m not! If you need some of my #homegoods you can check with my stockists via

I’ve been working extra long hours to fulfill orders (Thank you!) and to get ready (much like a squirrel  getting ready for winter) to have a seamless inventory control for when I need to step away from my studio for some surgery next week. (no details necessary)
Friends and family will be helping fulfill wholesale/consignment orders so stockists…don’t hesitate to email me an order….we’re stocked and ready!


I welcome prayers/good vibes…whatever you call good wishes 😊Please & Thank You 💖

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Cafe Aprons

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

There’s something almost therapeutic in the sewing of aprons. I upcycle my color proofing towels into funky one-of-a-kind handles that simply make me smile as I sew them (all those color combinations)…! They take a while to sew but I hope to have enough on hand for this weekend’s show at Vintage & Made Fair for more info.

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Copyright Kate Brennan Hall
Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

The Dubuque towel is available via my Etsy Shop and Outside the Lines Art Galleries at 1101 Main St in Dubuque, Iowa. (They just moved from 409 Bluff Street) This gallery is full of beautiful art and gift items.

This Galena towel is available via my Etsy Shop and Outside the Lines Art Galleries at 101 South Main in Galena, Illinois. This gallery space is also full of amazing work and friendly customer service just like their Dubuque, Iowa gallery….!

Scroll down for more!

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall














Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

QuadCitiesTowelFullShotLOREZ QuadCitiesCloseupPizzaLOREZ

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

And last, but not least… the Quad Cities where we stopped by CraftedQC—such a beautiful and vibrant space full of amazing goods.

This QC towel is available at CraftedQC as well as via my Etsy Shop.


Here’s a little secret: see that fine bassist in the upper right corner of the QC towel? That’s my very talented nephew, David Ostrem. Yes, I like to tuck friends and family into mydesigns when I can!