Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Hey All,

I wanted to share some other challenges I’m facing while I recover from surgery. Recently my stockists alerted me to infringements on my “I’ll Lick the Dish YOU Dry” collection. (now up to 18+ breeds).

I can’t go into details but I can say that Iowa has some top notch Intellectual Property (IP) professionals to deal with folks who blindly, or knowingly, don’t follow best practices in art & design.
I’ve been building this collection based on my original writing/design since 2012. Five years of long hours spent drawing, printing, folding, packaging, marketing, selling,etc. Why? Because I saw you giggle at this funny phrase at markets. I saw your smiles as you purchased my towels for yourself and far flung friends. YOU gave me the fuel to keep searching out for the best inks & towels I could find, the best packaging to meet your needs.
As more folks heard about my collection I couldn’t keep up and so my husband joined me in the printing process. We met over a screen printing frame and ever since we’ve been creating a life together so it was only natural that we’d begin printing together again. We switch off and on in printing. If his arm is hurting, mine is feeling fine and so I push/pull the squeegee through the night and vice versa. People have asked me why I don’t just outsource it all to India. Here’s why: quality control. My actual name is on my product. I can’t stand cheap see-thru towels that shred after two washings, and I won’t put up with ink that “crocks” (rubs off) or is like a 70’s tshirt and won’t absorb water when you dry your dishes. So by keeping it in-house (literally) I see each and every towel that goes out the door to you. It matters to me.
I truly appreciate the way you all support my hard work by purchasing my goods and sending me sweet shout-outs. You understand the idea behind my homegrown & handmade business and I’m ever-grateful.