Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall



noun rev·o·lu·tion \ˌre-və-ˈlü-shən\

a :  a sudden, radical, or complete change

This feels like the word of the day. On so many levels. On a personal level, I can see clearly for the first time in very long time. The “blessings” of getting early onset cataracts gave me the opportunity to have them removed and have them replaced with lens that help me see so clearly (and I’m just in the early days post-op—it takes weeks for eyes to settle into permanent vision). For those of you who were born with perfect eyes I will try to give you a picture of the difference in my vision. I can stand two feet from a mirror and actually see my eyes, nose, etc.—before this surgery my face was pretty much a complete blur (20/400). I was (according to my eye doctor) legally blind.  Now, colors seem brighter and I can see so many things I was missing. Smiling, Kate