PSA: Lots of shout-outs headed your way in this blog posting! The first quarter of this year was spent using every square of inch of my brain—the right side, the left side, the creative side, the accounting side… Running a small design business makes one wear many hats and each quarter brings its own set of exciting challenges.

The following are what I call my shout-outs that I post via Facebook / Instagram and Twitter. These shout-outs are my way of honoring the hard working stockists who carry my goods. They also serve as a way to let folks know where they can purchase my textiles and papergoods. Unlike many of my peers, I don’t have a travel/trade show budget. For now, my main ways of connecting with stockists and customers is through my blog, and these various social media outlets and good old fashioned snail mail. I’m a frugal artist with limited funds but unlimited creativity. (!)

Thanks for joining me on this journey.
Cheers, Kate


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