Copyright 2016 Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright 2016 Kate Brennan Hall


Quality over Quantity: that sums up my attitude towards my work, friendships, food, clothing, and even social media followers. I chuckle when I see people who seek to collect thousands of followers on their social media because, for me, it’s quality over quantity. The people who stop by my social media feel like friends stopping by to say hello. Call me old fashioned and maybe it comes from being born in a small town (in a BIG clan!) or that I spent my pre-K days outside on a quiet acreage with my trusty dog— but I kind of like the small gatherings. These cozy connections remind me of how my daughters worked as DJs at their college radio station. They enjoyed their stints playing tunes—no matter how many students actually listened to their programs. That’s how I feel about my blog and social media sites; I enjoy connecting and the shy side of me likes the kind of small-town numbers.

And speaking of quality over quantity: over these past few weeks I’ve had people contacting me to point out copycatting infringements taking place with their work and yes, sometimes mine. Sigh. My first thought is this: it’s sad how some people lack integrity as they choose to swipe/heavily borrow ideas from other creatives. And my second thought is that I can only control what I do as a creative. My name is on the goods I produce. My designs stem from my life experiences that my customers say they enjoy and feel a connection with. I maintain high printing standards and use only commercial grade towels that are made to last and eco and food-friendly inks. My packaging is designed to keep my goods crisp and clean and easy to ship to my wonderful stockists and online customers.

Thank you to those who point out that they see the difference between my goods and goods that are printed in unfortunate sweat shop conditions with substandard materials. Thank you for valuing quality over quantity. I feel grateful for the feedback you all give me about my art and design. You truly make a difference in this artist’s work life and the other handmade artisans you purchase from in your communities.