Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

Copyright Kate Brennan Hall

This is an ink drawing I did of my oldest daughter when she was a preschooler; on one of the many afternoons we spent painting, drawing and making collages together. We’d create a bunch of fun art and then plaster a whole wall full of her creations. They made me happy just to look at them.  Sure, I was the “professional illustrator” but Chelsea (and later her sister Martha) taught me so much about creativity; more than anything I’d learned in art college or on the job. She wasn’t worried about perfection, the end “product” or, if her creations had any larger meaning. She was totally immersed in the act of making, playing and enjoying the process of creating. And to this day she has retained that quality of experimentation and play in her work.

Today is her birthday. I’ve joked across the years that it took having a baby in January to finally help me be able to appreciate this month. So happy birthday dear Chelsea. The world is a brighter and happier place because YOU are here. I love you, Mom.  p.s. Let’s keep making art together!